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Look What I Did! 

A podcast for anyone interested in everything.


  We're just a couple of regular guys interviewing all the cool people that we happen upon. Join us as we learn how to do a bunch of stuff we'll never do because we keep learning how to do more stuff. 

Look What I Did is a bi-weekly podcast showcasing creators of anything and everything from cartoonists to motorcycle fabricators.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy.

-Aaron and Daniel

This podcast is great. The guests are great and the interaction between the hosts and guests is very natural. It is like a conversation you would have with someone in your living room. Love this podcast!!!
— pastorcoachroy

Our Team



daniel quin

- Host, Producer, Sound Designer -

Father, Husband, Writer, Maker, Creator, Occasional Musician, Failed Magician, Nerd, claims The Big Bang Theory doesn't suck


heather hill

- Digital Director -

Photographer, artist, music lover, part time banjo player and den mother of the Look What I Did gang of misfits. 


aaron dotson

- Host, Producer -

Father of two rad kids, flea market enthusiast, restorer of old rusty tools and things, loves eggs and The Office



For the real MVPs:

Listen, we don't ask for much. Every couple weeks we supply the world with quality chats by and including some of the most talented individuals we've ever met. We get silly and we get enlightened.

Maybe you find yourself laughing with us on the way to work. Maybe you stop paying attention to the bus you should be driving and instead learn how to be a blacksmith. 

Whatever your vices, let us be one.



Cindy Roberts Jeromy Price Catherine Battaglia Brian Dotson Bryan Fittin Jennifer Fournier Travis Miller Tyler Orsak Lindsay Watt Jesse Sullins Sean Sallings Holly Hill James Maltby Aliceson Smith Deborah Bellante Milton Kaitlin Lomeli Megan Loyd Daila Doss Dryad Gaming Co. Josh Earnest Allen Newberry Chad Maupin

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